• Data rates in 4800 MT/s
  • JEDEC standard 1.1V power supply
  • Power Management IC (PMIC) for on-DIMM power loading control
  • On-die ECC helps to correct errors within the DRAM chip
  • Auto refresh and self-refresh supported
  • RoHS compliant.
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Go beyond the bounds of your system with DDR5 memory and unlock even faster frequencies, with enhanced power efficiency, greater capacities, and improved stability over previous generations for various industrial PC workstations and high performance computing systems.

MEMXPRO 288-pin DDR5 4800 UDIMM provides blistering memory speeds of up to 4800 MT/s with reduced power at 1.1V. DDR5 modules feature on-DIMM Power Management Integrate Circuits (PMIC) technology to deliver better power control with increased efficiency and reduced noise.

The advanced memory production process and architecture for DDR5 allows twice the bandwidth of DDR4 for double storage capacity and on-die ECC for DDR5 corrects errors within the DRAM memory arrays, increasing reliability for computing systems.

Data Rate / Frequency 4800 MT/s
Density 16GB/32GB
Voltage 1.1V
Pin count 288pin
Width 64-Bit
PCB Height 30.00mm
Operating Temperature 0°C~+85°C
Vibration 20G (7~2KHz)
Shock Resistance 1500G@0.5ms