In IoT, the ability to perform advanced on-device processing and analytics at the network edge is referred to as "edge computing". Edge devices are now being created with increasingly sophisticated processing, analytical, and data storage capabilities. With edge computing, the opportunity for system architects is to learn how to harness the benefits of the available distributed computing power from end to end — tapping into the capabilities of field devices, gateways, and cloud computing. MEMXPRO’s NVMe SSDs, plus RDIMM and ECC DIMMs in various capacities are specialized memory and storage solutions for enterprise applications.



  • Cloud server and storage
  • Fog computing and IoT gateways
  • Edge computer and endpoint storage


NVMe SSD U.2 and M.2 PCIe 3.0x4 high-speed SSD solution.
RDIMM & ECC DIMM RDIMM an d ECC DIMM memory modules specialized for servers and workstations
AES 256-bit encryption and ultimate data security Various data security levels from Write Protect, Quick Erase, Military-grade encryption, to self-destructible data protection
Power Plus Data protection against sudden power loss.
Terabytes of storage capacity Up to 4TB MLC mass storage SSD
mSMART Intelligent storage device monitoring agent.