In-vehicle and transportation vary in technologies applied. Combining ruggedized designs for the specific power and reliability demands of railway, automotive, marine, and emergency operation, MEMXPRO provides a wide variety of memory and storage solutions in the extreme rigors of travel and transportation environments to solving problems in data collection, storage, and analysis for predictive measures, remote monitoring and control for optimized vehicle utilization, multimedia information delivery, and video monitoring and recording for in-vehicle or traffic security.



  • Car navigation and infotainment
  • Parking guidance and information systems
  • Fleet management
  • Vehicle mounted computers
  • Telematics for Logistics


ISO/TS 16949 Automotive standards of quality control to meet rigorous production requirements
E-Mark compliant European vehicle-grade EMI protection standards.
MIL-STD-810G compliant Military-grade shock & vibration resistance
IP-6X protection Conformal coating water and dust resistance
AES 256-bit encryption Various data security levels from Write Protect, Quick Erase, to military-grade encryption
Extended & industrial-grade wide temperature Operating at -25~85°C and -40~85°C with temperature fluctuations
Power Plus Shield in-vehicle data from an unexpected power loss
StrongMLC Endurance-enhanced SSDs: 20,000 P/E cycles
Terabytes of storage capacity Up to 4TB MLC mass storage SSD
ARM/RISC DIMM DDR 4 and DD3 32-bit Mini DIMM for ARM/RISC-based applications