In today’s business environment, everything moves fast and as a result, we need to know what is happening right now. We need the information and the tools to make the right decisions that make a difference when minutes and seconds count. MEMXPRO provides industrial DRAM and flash modules for the manufacturing and automation industry, as well as intelligent device monitoring management tools for lifetime prediction, data collection, and problem detection. The benefits of smart machines, smart factories, and smart manufacturing go far beyond efficiency, quality and cost savings. They are the promise of a truly sustainable, streamlined, and custom manufacturing.



  • Industrial panel computer
  • Industrial control system (PLC、SCADA、MES)
  • Embedded system
  • Industrial robot/robot arm
  • Automatic guided vehicle (AGV)


Industrial-grade wide temperature Operating at -40~85°C with temperature fluctuations
StrongMLC Endurance-enhanced SSDs: 20,000 P/E cycles
MIL-STD-810G compliant Military-grade shock & vibration resistance
IP-6X protection Conformal coating water and dust resistance
High-performance miniature design Miniaturized DIMM and embedded storage devices for space-limited small-sized systems and control units
mSMART Intelligent storage device monitoring agent