MEMXPRO Releases 32GB Native Industrial DDR4-3200 DRAM

Unleash the Potential of 5G: original chip and industrial wide-temperature DRAM, from a recognized 5G tech company
MEMXPRO’s industrial DRAM solutions in 5G improve communications in remote areas.

Apr. 23, 2020, Taipei - The coronavirus outbreak has deferred the global 5G network rollout, even though demand remains high. MEMXPRO, a leading industrial DRAM module and SSD solution provider, formally introduces 16 and 32GB native DDR4-3200 memory modules to the global market. Continuing its production, MEMXPRO’s new large-capacity, high-speed DDR4-3200 DIMM series maximizes high-level performance with clock speed improvements that benefit from the DDR3 to DDR4 upgrade. Using Micron DRAM chips and passing rigorous tests, MEMXPRO offers -40~+85oC wide temperature products for industrial requirements, along with built-in thermal sensor, suitable for 5G facility deployment in harsh environments.

MEMXPRO’s DDR4-3200 industrial-grade memory module uses Micron’s 1x nm DDR4 DRAM chip technology. In its first rollout, it comes in SODIMM and ECC SODIMM varieties. Featuring native data rates of 3,200 MHz running at 1.2V and impressive overclocking performance, the new DDR4-3200 RAM modules are offered in up to 32GB capacities and target 5G services as a perfect fit for its promising bandwidth and connectivity improvements. With its high reliability and low latency, MEMXPRO’s industrial DRAM modules are utilized by a global first-tier 5G tech manufacturer for their new generation network appliances used in demanding environments, successfully moving 5G technology development forward.

IHS key predictions late last year show the 5G value chain will invest an average of US$235 billion annually to expand and strengthen the 5G technology base that will support up to 22.3 million jobs by 2035. It is estimated that 5G will generate US$12.4 trillion in sales by 2035. Taiwan completed 5G spectrum auction early this year and its 5G value chain expected to output $134 billion in 2035. 5G is the last piece of the network for AI, edge computing, big data, and block chain technology application development.

The coronavirus outbreak in 2020 has caused a slowdown in the global economy. Once the outbreak gets effectively controlled, economies are expected to rebound significantly and 5G is poised to drive boosted data center demands for digital business and remote working. In the middle to long term, 5G will bring improved service demands in remote smart healthcare, cloud surveillance and monitoring, and smart manufacturing with advanced automation. All of this will help avoid unnecessary large gatherings in the workplace as people adopt new ways of working.

In response to technology innovation and high performance needs, MEMXPRO maintains its effort to offer complete industrial memory module product lines with quality DRAM chips, quality tests, and storage device monitoring tool development. MEMXPRO is becoming one of the major industrial memory suppliers for 5G, smart IoT, and edge computing application developers.


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