MEMXPRO industrial compact embedded storage modules [DigiTimes]

Enabling Smart Transportation Edge AI Deployment
MEMXPRO industrial compact embedded storage modules

In the past, storage products for industrial control applications were used mainly for equipment control. They didn't require large capacities or high access speeds, only the ability to maintain stable operation in harsh environments. So it was natural that the industry's focus was on wide temperature operation and shock and vibration resistance. Nowadays, with the emergence of AIoT applications, the role for industrial control devices has grown more diverse, requiring frequent data collection, transmission and analysis. As a result, the demand for storage products has changed as they have begun to focus more on specifications such as capacity, performance, and security.

In smart city transportation surveillance applications, it is necessary to continuously capture high-resolution images with cameras that can operate for a long time. This means the data requirements will be massive and require greater storage capacities. TB-level SSD storage is most often used but the 6Gb/s transmission speed of the traditional SATA interface is becoming obsolete and cannot fully meet the requirements of large numbers of video streams, which is why PCIe 3.0 NVMe-based products (two-way 16-channel bandwidth up to 32Gb/s) have been making strong inroads in the industry.

Given the changing needs of industrial control storage and AIoT and 5G trends continuing to emerge, the demand for ever greater storage capacity, efficiency, and data security management is only going to continue to grow. Therefore, in recent years, MEMXPRO has strived to develop products with both high performance, large capacity, high security levels, and wide temperature support (-40 ~ 85 °C). We have developed 3D TLC SSD memory modules with conformal coatings that come with mSMART device monitoring and mCover backup and recovery software, which provide a powerful set of functions for a variety of industrial embedded applications. MEMXPRO products have repeatedly won acclaim in various application fields such as global smart transportation and many more.

Litemax lists passenger information systems for smart vehicle advertising as one of its development priorities in 2020. Due to regulations in Taiwan, only the roof of taxis can only be equipped with static ads, but other countries have begun to introduce bright LCD monitors to display high impact and dynamic advertising, such as playing rain gear advertisements when its raining, or face mask advertisements when the PM 2.5 concentration is too high.

Single board computers are the key devices for data collection and processing, and this required highly robust storage because taxis run continuously outdoors, so all components must be able to withstand the harshest of conditions. They also paid close attention to the performance numbers of storage under extreme temperature and anti-vibration conditions. After careful testing, MEMXPRO's industrial memory and SATA modules were chosen. Due to the limited spaces in the vehicles, 2.5-inch or mSATA SSDs could not be used, but MEMXPRO has a wide range of products and their miniature SATA Module SSDs fitted the specifications perfectly.

AIMobile, which focuses on the development of AIoT industrial intelligent application solutions, created a Solution-Ready Package (SRP) covering front-end Edge AI and back-end maintenance and transportation for smart transportation applications such as law enforcement and traffic management. Generally, customers only needed to set up the required basic functions and they could then receive all the detailed information within a short time. MEMXPRO's complete storage product lines were able to meet the needs of many different scenarios.

AIMobile's smart street lighting equipment are equipped with MEMXPRO M.2 2280 NVMe SSDs. Although AIMobile values the high performance of NVMe products, they were worried that the equipment would heat up too easily. So after extensive 72-hour burn-in tests, results proved that MEMXPRO's SSDs were able to survive the harshest conditions that most other memory products couldn't, so naturally they chose MEMXPRO M.2 2280 NVMe SSDs.