MEMXPRO Showcases Latest DRAM and Flash Storage Solutions for Enterprise and Industrial Markets

Spotlight at Computex Taipei 2017: NVMe SSD, 8TB SSD and 3D NAND SSD
MEMXPRO’s Memory and Storage solutions for IoT Application.

May 25, 2017 – MEMXPRO, a leading DRAM module and SSD solution provider for defense, industrial, in-vehicle, and enterprise markets, will showcase their latest U.2 M.2 PCIe Gen 3 x4 enterprise SSD, (up to) 8TB high-density super slim SSD, SATA 3 SSD with 3D NAND, low-power high-end DDR4-3200 module, and industrial rugged DRAM module for IoT at Computex 2017 under the banner, “The Pioneer of Future Memory and IoT Solutions”. In the era of IoT and Big Data, smart devices are developing very fast and their storage requirements will become a fundamental part of their innovation and application requirements. To meet this need, MEMXPRO’s core technology advantage and renowned craftsmanship will focus on a wide range of DRAM memory and flash storage solutions committed to quality and reliability.

Big Data and Cloud Storage Drive SSD Growth

Data centers and cloud computing are the driving forces for SSD technology. Research and market forecasts describe the global peripheral component interconnect express (PCIe) SSD market to grow at a CAGR of 33.24% during the period 2016-2020. The decreased production cost of NAND flash has led to the rising popularity of SSD. However, the NAND flash shortage that began last year shows no sign of ending and could cause prices to go up and restrict SSD supplies. As the pace of the industry-wide transition to 3D-NAND architecture accelerates, supply of 2D-NAND memory (even DRAM) has dropped sharply. Even the slight supply increase in DRAM or flash memory cannot meet the strong demand for SSDs. In an effort to concentrate its resources in mutual profitable areas, MEMXPRO chose particular enterprises and industrial partners to pool resources and expertise with in order to achieve better mutual business development goals going forward.

Server and data center storage applications open up the possibility of higher capacity. Data security, high performance, reliability, over current/voltage protection, and power loss protection have become increasingly important attributes in high-end server SSDs. For this market, MEMXPRO launched NVMe SSDs – U.2 PCIe and M.2 PCIe 2280, supporting PCIe Gen 3 x4 interface, paired with 3D NAND, and high-density 7-mm height eMMC SSD – 2.5” SSD GT with MEMXPRO MP808 controller and eMMC flash up to 8TB, plus RDIMM and ECC DIMMs in various capacities.

Growth of Smart Devices for IoT Drive Storage Needs

In IoT applications, all edge devices at entry points at the front end sense and store data through gateways into local enterprise or cloud server providers. MEMXPRO provides application-specific storage devices targeted at four segments – smart factory (Industry 4.0), smart city (smart retail, gaming, healthcare, and surveillance, etc.), government/defense/aerospace, and in-vehicle and transportation. MEMXPRO’s industrial DRAM DIMMs and SSDs support industrial wide temperature operation, IP based waterproof and dustproof standards, military-grade robustness, extended lifespans, data security, and power loss protection to face all the challenges of tough operating environments. MEMXPRO debuts its 3D NAND offering with the 2.5” SSD A3A series, which enhances endurance and reliability with technology innovation. MEMXPRO DRAM modules include SDRAM, DDR and DDR2 legacy products for industrial usage. For DDR 3 and DDR 4, protective coating, anti-shock & vibration fixture design, and industrial grade wide temperature RAM modules are available and tailored to customers’ specific application needs. In addition, MEMXPRO ARM/RISC DRAM modules use 32/64/72-bit SODIMMs for non-x86 architectures whose main application will be small footprint ARM and RISC based industrial tablets and portable devices.

To effectively monitor MEMXPRO storage devices, MEMXPRO launches its updated SMARTPro 3.0 software tool for Windows. In addition to supporting MEMXPRO SATA 3 SSD series, SMARTPro 3.0 provides disk status in MEMXPRO’s DRAM DIMMs and NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 SSDs. SMARTPro 3.0 also reveals a whole new user-friendly interface to display more disk information and graphs. Users can easily change company logo, background and buttons for a customized version. SMARTPro 3.0 also supports Intel RAID (IRST) to accurately recognize and detect RAID cards of every disk. For advanced users, this new version provides information regarding readable spare blocks, average erase counts, history records for that month (disk temperature, health status, spare blocks, average erase counts, power on hours, relocated sector counts, total host reads, and total host writes). Integrated with an enterprise database, the system will record SSD status and store data logs to benefit big data analysis and other applications.

With years of storage product know-how, MEMXPRO exercises rigorous quality control to deliver complete enterprise and industrial memory solutions from integrated circuit pre-tested products to mass-produced products that have been fully tested and validated. The company also provides professional customization services to satisfy any customers’ storage needs.

Computex Taipei 2017 runs from May 30 to June 3. MEMXPRO’s booth number is J1322 at the 1F in the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1. We cordially welcome all industrial experts to visit our booth.


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