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The Amazing UAV for a Smarter AIoT Life

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) have become a popular robotic device for a wide variety of uses. Without limits of terrain, UAV applications have opened up the market for exciting products and creative applications. There are so many new opportunities for Value Added Resellers (VAR) to introduce drones as part of an overall solution such as for remote-controlled inspection, measurements in high-risk locations, monitoring of endangered wildlife, delivery of blood and medical supplies, agriculture surveys, facility and utility inspections, and much more. The list goes on as VARs explore new possibilities and applications for example:

  • Rwanda is now using drones deliver urgent blood supplies to hospitals
  • Australia uses shark-spotting drones to keep beaches safe
  • Amazon's Prime Air Drone service takes less than 30 minutes to delivery


Drone Storage Presents Huge Opportunities

Technavio Market Research Company forecast that the global drone market will grow at a CAGR of 13.61% during 2019-2023. In the near future, drone camera technology will get so much more advanced with more sensors and better cameras. Every flight will create and use huge amounts of environmental data for location finding and visual recognition. In fact, the drone’s real value will be driven by commercial uses of how to efficiently process all that data, and apply valuable intelligence that help governments, enterprises, and institutions make fast and accurate operational decisions.

Every drone system needs a storage device, which is nonvolatile memory used to store all applications and data. Secondary storage can be either internal or external to the system but it needs to be highly ruggedized to prevent data loss, with sufficient data storage space, and high-speed data transfer capability for high-definition high-quality images and video. Traditional hard disk drives are not up to the task and have been replaced by flash-based SSDs because of their light weight, high speed, and non-mechanical moving components. To satisfy the need for this type of storage, MEMXPRO, in addition to its industrial grade flash memory products, has incorporated the cloud and now offers the simultaneous management of multiple storage devices in flight for total device storage support. Download to learn more about MEMXPRO storage solutions for UAV/drones

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