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  Smart city technologies are rapidly being developed for diverse global markets - in particular, transportation, security, mobile surveillance, digital signage, and smart retail platforms. Applications for these markets require reliable storage media to handle high-clarity video, large data acquisition and analysis, and stable performance in challenging environments. MEMXPRO high-endurance 3D TLC SATA III SSD ET30 series is equipped with Silicon Motion's SSD controller and Micron’s original 10K P/E cycle TLC flash. The ET30 series offers a Total Bytes Written (TBW) of up to 5,500TB for its 1TB SSD, making it the ideal choice for write intensive applications within the growing field of AIoT edge computing.  

High-endurance 3D TLC SSD ET30 Series

  • 13~15x better TBW compared to consumer 3D TLC SSD with
         the same capacity
  • 7x better TBW compared to industrial 2D MLC SSD with
         the same capacity
    Capacity Endurance - TBW* Data Write Per Day for 5 Years
    64GB 340TB 186GB
    128GB 687TB 375GB
    256GB 1,375TB 752GB
    512GB 2,750TB 1,505GB
    1TB 5,506TB 3,013GB
    Note:*TBW calculation is tested upon JESD218A & 219A standards.

  • 10K P/E cycle and low WAF make longer and reliable recording
  • A full HD (1920x1080) film at 30 fps is about 20 Mbps and a 4K (3,840×2,160) video will reach 50~60 Mbps, depending on video compression. Take as an example 60 Mbps of video, the total amount of written data over 5 years will be 1,182TB. This means a 1TB ET30 drive connected to single camera can be used for 23 years and if you were to connect 4 cameras simultaneously; you would be able to use them for over 5 years.

  • Write speed test proves stable 24/7 continuous recording
  • TLC SSD writes data through the SLC cache to within 1/3 total capacity. Once the written data exceeds the SLC cache capacity, data will be written in TLC instead. This results in a steep drop off in write speed. However, our lab tests on the ET30 drive showed that even after a total of 4TB of data was written in 7 days it was still able to perform well without image lag or frame loss in video surveillance storage applications.

  • mSMART assists intelligent monitoring and preventive action
  • MEMXPRO mSMART 4.0 helps manage disk health and lifetime status. When it detects high risk conditions, warning notices are given out to remind users to take preventative action, reducing maintenance and enhancing operational efficiency. Now mSMART has tapped into the cloud with Microsoft Azure IoT and supports the simultaneous management of multiple storage devices for total device status control.
    MEMXPRO Industrial TLC SATA3 SSD Series

    2.5" SSD ET30
  • 64GB~1TB

  • mSATA ET30
  • 64GB~1TB
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