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Matchless Performance & Durability:
PCIe Gen3x4 + Micron 10K P/E cycle TLC

  •  Original Micron guaranteed flash — leaves downgrades and self-sealed ICs far behind.
  •  New LDPC and RAID engine — makes data loss impossible.
  •  End-to-end data path protection — ensures data validity and accuracy.
  •  mSMART — free storage monitoring with warnings and cloud-based hassle-free management.

When PCIe meets Micron 10K P/E cycle 3D TLC…

Assuming that PCIe write speeds are 1300 MB/s, theoretically this means that daily written data is about 2TB (1.872TB). So taking 256GB SSD as an example:
  • Consumer 1.5K P/E =
    256G x 1500 = 384TB ➔ 384/2 = 192 days = 6.4 month =  0.5 year 
  • Industrial 3K P/E =
    256G x 3000 = 768TB ➔ 768/2 = 384 days = 12.8 month =  1 year 
  • MEMXPRO 10K P/E =
    256 x 10000 = 2560TB ➔ 2560/2 = 1280 days = 42.7 month =  3.6 years 
PCIe MVMe interface controller with 10K P/E cycle 3D TLC is the best solution for industrial and intelligent applications requiring high-speed, large volume data transmissions such as surveillance, medical, in-vehicle, and transportation.

New LDPC ECC and RAID Engine enhances TLC Flash reliability

3x times better endurance
Compared to single-layer error correction for BCH coding currently available, LDPC enhances data stability more effectively and substantially strengthens P/E cycles for TLC NAND, bringing longer life and higher endurance to TLC-based SSD products.

First data writing is performed via the advanced LDPC coding correction, then through LDPC hard/soft decoding, and finally RAID data recovery is enabled to read the data one after another. According to lab tests, the technology delivers 3 x better NAND P/E cycles for SSD.


End-to-end data path protection ensures data integrity

End-to-end data path protection, which applies ECC to the SSD's SRAM and DRAM buffers as well as to the primary NAND flash memory array. This maintains the integrity of every bit of data as it is transmitted between the host and the SSD, and between buffer memories and NAND flash.

mSMART storage monitoring advances AIoT deployment

MEMXPRO Industrial PCIe NVMe SSD Series

U.2 PCIe PT33
  • PCIe Gen3 x4
  • Industrial 3D TLC
  • 128GB~2TB

  • M.2 2280 PCIe PT33
  • PCIe Gen3 x4
  • Industrial 3D TLC
  • 128GB~2TB
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