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  In the era of high-speed memory and storage, DDR4 has become the new standard for industrial memory in 2019. MEMXPRO's high-speed DRAM DDR4-2666 modules comply with the JEDEC standard to achieve 2666 MHz without overclocking RAM. These modules are compatible with most mainstream CPUs and motherboards. The original high-quality branded memory ICs and industrial spec design makes for a low operating voltage of 1.2 V for energy-conscious power consumption and reduced waste heat. The new memory modules possess attributes of high-speed, high-compatibility, low-power-consumption, high-reliability, and wide temperature range support. They are the first choice for embedded applications, industrial equipment, and edge devices operating in challenging environments with fluctuating temperatures.  
  Original Memory ICs
MEMXPRO utilizes original branded memory ICs for industrial customers. DDR4-2666 series uses high-quality
Hynix ICs.
  Wide Temp.
Wide temperature -40°C to +85°C memory module is ideal for applications that must ensure high performance and product stability in extreme climates or industrial environments.
  Rugged Design
Conformal coatings can be applied to protect against moisture, dust, and chemical contaminants. Side Fill or Underfill technology meets industrial requirements so that products work reliably in harsh shock and vibration environments.
  Industrial Recognition
Compatible with the latest Intel® Purley and AMD EPYCTM server platforms, MEMXPRO's DRAM modules are also qualified and by well-known Taiwan embedded PC manufacturers.
  MEMXPRO Industrial DRAM Module Series  
  DDR1 / 256 MB ~ 1 GB

256MB 32M*8
512Mb 32M*16
512Mb 64M*8

DDR2 / 512 MB~4 GB

1Gb 128M*8
1Gb 64M*16

DDR3 / 1~16 GB

2Gb 256M*8
4Gb 256M*16
4Gb  512M*8
8Gb 1024M*8

DDR4 / 4~32 GB

4Gb 256M*16
4Gb 512M*8
8Gb 1024M*8
8Gb 2048M*4
16Gb 4096M*4

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