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  MEMXPRO mSMART 4.0, its new generation smart storage device monitoring software tool, available free for download. Enabling the predictive power of big data analytics in the AIoT era, mSMART detects problems and provides alerts to reduce routine inspection tasks and operational costs. Integrated with an enterprise database, the system will record SSD status and store data logs to benefit big data analytics that help decision making processes.  

One for All industrial storage devices

MEMXPRO mSMART software tool discloses detailed information about almost all of their industrial SSD brands, exceeding even the functions of current SSD testing tools like crystaldiskinfo. Many industrial customers want to know more about the SSD controller model numbers, but many module manufacturers hide this information by removing the IC markings. To avoid confusion, mSMART can fully display original host controller model numbers and detailed up-to-date information, as well using advanced algorithms for accurate lifespan calculations.


A highly supported tool with powerful functions

  • Windows、linux、Android OS supported
  • Monitor DRAM modules and storage devices with PCIe and SATA interfaces and supporting a total of 8 devices at a time.

SSD and its controller information

  • Disk serial no. info.
  • Controller serial no. info.
  • Disk temperature Health status
  • Disk lifespan
  • Spare blocks
  • Avg. erase counter
  • Read/write speed

Memory module information

Read/Write Performance


Status alerts setting

S.M.A.R.T. information


Historical record by graphics

Shortcuts & software information

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